About Voice Changing

A number of individuals use voice changing for various reasons.  Essentially, if you are changing your voice, you are disguising your voice.  Most of us would do this because we do not want the person we are talking to to recognize us.  There may be other reasons as well that someone may want to change their voice. 


What is voice changing used for?

As previously stated, a number of individuals use voice changing software, hardware, and services for a variety of reasons.  The use of voice changing depends on the individual using it. Likewise, the type of voice changer that someone chooses to use will depend on the individual and their needs.

One common use of voice changing is during an interview with a person who is selecting to remain anonymous.  Some of us have seen news specials or talk shows in which someone is being interviewed about a very serious topic - one that may put their safety at risk should they be identified.  Therefore, their image is typically blurred or masked in some way, and their voice is disguised.  Most likely, some type of voice changing software is being used.

Voice changing has also been used in several films, particularly horror films.  There are several "bad guys" that disguise their voice so no one can tell who they are, in addition to being scary.

Voice changing is commonly used by women to disguise their voice for safety reasons.  For instance, a lot of people respond to ads in the classifieds such as apartments or house for rent, items for sale, and automobile ads.  Unfortunately, there are some people that place fake ads for the purpose of arranging a meeting with a female, child, or other vulnerable individual with the intent of doing harm.  If a female or child responds to an ad and uses voice changing to disguise their voice as a male's they may be able to make sure that the ad is legitimate.  If it is not and the person receives a call from what sounds like a grown man, chances are the meeting will be prevented.

I use a voice changing service to disguise my voice as a male's when I respond to classified ads.  There's a lot of strange people out there and some of them post ads to lure women.  Voice changing allows me to find out if the ad is legit before I decide to meet someone.

- Caroline Banford, Miami Florida


Voice Changing Options

Software, Hardware, Services

There are numerous voice changing options available to you regardless of your needs.  There is software and hardware that will allow you to disguise your voice, as well as service providers that allow you to use their voice changing service when placing calls through their websites.  Again, depending on your needs, you will choose what method works best for you.

If you plan on using voice changing often, you may opt for a hardware or software version in which you would purchase at a flat price.  There are several software and hardware options available and at different costs.

If you plan on just using voice changing one or a couple of times, you may choose to use a voice changing service.  There are some providers that will charge a monthly fee for you to use their service.  As well,  there are providers that will charge you for a one-time use of their service.